Bacon Cheddar Potato Soup

My Vitamix recently turned one year old and in celebration I decided to (finally) share this delicious Vitamix recipe. Even if you don’t have a Vitamix, it would be pretty easy to do with an immersion blender or mixer or any other type of high-powered blender. It was super easy (and fast!) to make, and really thick and creamy. My favorite kind of potato soup!

Bacon Cheddar Potato Soup

Makes 2 servings.

2 cups skim milk
2 mediums potatoes, baked
1/3 cup shredded low-fat cheddar cheese
1/4 small onions, sliced, sauteed
1/2 teaspoon dill weed
1/2 teaspoon rosemary
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 ounces turkey bacon, cooked, crumbled

Place milk, one potato, cheese, onion, dill, rosemary and salt into blender in order listed and secure lid. Turn on and quickly increase speed to high. Blend 4 minutes or until heavy steam escapes from vented lid. Reduce speed to low. Remove lid plug and drop in remaining potato and bacon. Blend 10 seconds, until chopped.

~ by spontaneoustruth on December 7, 2011.

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