Lights Out in San Diego

We’ve had an interesting couple of days in San Diego thanks to a crazy huge power outage. What to do when you lose power for 12 hours and it’s 90 degrees outside? Well, I for one took this as an opportunity to practice nighttime photography! Here’s how we weathered the blackout!

Candlelight! So romantic, ha.

Making dinner by candlelight. So thankful we have a gas stove! I picked up our CSA box on my way home from work, but we didn’t want to open the refrigerator and risk losing everything inside it. Instead, we had lots of fruit and veggies for dinner! Sauteing up some zucchini.

Beautiful sunset from our front door. More than anything, it was shocking how dark everything was last night — no streetlights, no signs lit up, no houses shining bright. Nada. Of course, there were lots of people hanging out in their cars to charge their cell phones. Us included! But it really was a great night to stargaze. Kind of beautiful to see our city dark and silent.

Dinner’s on! Pasta with zucchini and tomatoes. Yum! Plus grapes on the side. And wine. Duh.

What, no TV to watch? No computer to play on? What to do?? Well, I will admit we totally sat next to each other surfing Twitter and Facebook on our cell phones for a while. But, hey, that’s the only way we could get information! After that, we read by candlelight and played Scrabble. Woot. Can you spell “outage”?

Some things I learned from the blackout:

1. People are nicer during emergencies. I’ve never seen drivers on the roads so courteous! Definitely a perk.

2. It’s important to eat popsicles and ice cream first.

3. Tape the refrigerator and freezer doors shut to avoid the temptation (or, in my case, the forgetting and accidental opening of said doors).

4. Even if you know the power is out, you will still flip light switches upon entering a room and be surprised when nothing happens.

5. Alcohol. Always have it. Makes blackouts way more fun.

6. Take the time to unplug occasionally. Worth it. (Yes, I know a blog totally defeats this purpose.)

7. Social media rocks!

8. No idea we had so many stars visible from SD. Pretty cool.

9. Food trucks were some of the only businesses still serving food last night. Now that is just awesome! Wish I’d made it out to one to join in the fun.

10. Let’s not do this again, San Diego? Mmmmkay.


~ by spontaneoustruth on September 9, 2011.

5 Responses to “Lights Out in San Diego”

  1. Very cute! Love your “what I learned”. 🙂

  2. This is your best post ever! I love it. I shared it with my friends at work. lov

  3. Great post! I love what you learned 🙂

  4. You are the cutest! We played “Guess Who” – a totally grownup game. 🙂

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