Soccer Fanatics: L.A. Edition

We had a fun soccer-filled weekend last week. First up on the agenda: Road trip to L.A. with Mr. and Mrs. E to see L.A.  Galaxy play Real Madrid.

Next: Watching the Women’s World Cup final…was that stressful or what? I have never liked games that end in penalty kicks (anxiety inducing!) but it was still a thrilling match to watch. Sad for the U.S., but simultaneously happy for Japan to win — they were the underdogs from the get-go and it was amazing to see them come so far and take the cup.

And the weekend we picked to make the drive to Los Angeles? Also the same weekend dubbed Carmageddon. Niiiiice! We broke up the trip a little bit with a fun stop off at the husband’s alma mater, Cal Poly Pomona, to indulge in the awesome farmers’ market store.

And our good luck held out…no traffic for the whole drive up! Hallelujah! We got checked in to our hotel and had a fun dinner before heading to USC for the game. And that’s where the traffic fairies let us down. It took for-ev-er to drive like 100 yards. Crazy! But we made it just in time for kick-off. Check out the amazing view from our seats!

It was a great match to watch. Real dominated and won 5-1. So fun to see a game with so many goals — and an especially beautiful shot by Cristiano Ronaldo. Gorgeous! (Yes, both the man and the goal…what? I like soccer players.)

We spent the rest of the night bar-hopping with good friends. Great weekend!

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~ by spontaneoustruth on July 22, 2011.

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