Sauces of Italy

We recently set out for a second cooking class date night (read about the first here) at the Alchemy of the Hearth cooking school. This was a completely different experience from our first class. There were only three (three!) other students in the class and it was very hands-on so we all got to really get in there and cook and chop and…most importantly, EAT!

The theme of the class was Sauces of Italy (good prep for us!) and the teacher was fantastic. She had studied Italian cooking in Parma so she really knew what she was doing and had great stories and insights into Italian food.

Beef Bolognese Sauce

We made four sauces throughout the evening: beef Bolognese (a quicker version instead of the traditional five-hour sauce), two styles of puttanesca, a lemon-cream sauce (way better than it sounds, I had no idea!), and a garlic-olive oil. We got to have good helpings of each sauce with either pasta or bread and left feeling quite stuffed. We even got to try some desserts they’d been testing out with new recipes. Such fun!

Puttanesca Sauce

Can’t wait to take another class!

I brought my camera this time but we were so busy cooking, eating, and cleaning up that I never had a chance to whip it out. Luckily, we got to take home leftover sauce (Bolognese and puttanesca) and it made for a great dinner later that week, tossed with spaghetti.


~ by spontaneoustruth on November 4, 2010.

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