Fun New Blog Reads

Some blogs that are catching my attention lately!

1. Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing
Check out her fun sewing blog and journey through all the fantastic projects she’s working on. I always love reading her take on fashion items and seeing the amazing creations she makes.

2. Bryn Alexandra
I love her daring decorative style (she’s painting her bedroom walls black!) and checking out her fun furniture finds.

3. Disney Parks Blog
I think everyone knows about my Disneyland obsession by now. Love seeing the newest latest and greatest Disney stuff on this fun new blog!

4. HomeGoods Open House
If you’re as addicted to HomeGoods as I am, then following this blog won’t help you any. It just makes me want to shop more. But I still can’t stop reading it.

5. Divine Health
Check out my friend Helena’s new blog chronicling her journal to veganism.

~ by spontaneoustruth on February 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Fun New Blog Reads”

  1. ❤ Thanks! ❤

  2. hello..plz read my new blog I’m new here!! its a short story…tc

  3. p.s. its in the disney category..bye

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