The Best Christmas Movies

I love this time of year and especially love to celebrate the festivity by watching my favorite Christmas movies. Between Netflix, DVR, library rentals and some very creative scheduling and borrowing, I’ve amassed my movie selection for this year and we’ve been working our way down the list.

Here’s my top ten favorite Christmas movies:

10. A Charlie Brown Christmas

You just can’t go wrong with this classic. I love it every year. 🙂

9. The Santa Clause (with Tim Allen)

I prefer this one over its sequels (though 2 isn’t as bad as 3), but wow those effects don’t look nearly as cool now as they did when this movie first came out!

8. Santa Claus (with Dudley Moore)

I know some of you are totally going to make fun of me for this, but I grew up watching it so I love it (even though they totally use candy canes to symbolize drugs)!

7. South Park: Mr. Hanky Episode

My family watched this almost every year on Christmas Eve while I was growing up. My mom and I always watched A White Christmas (our little tradition) and sang along. My brother, to get his revenge I assume, made us watch this as a trade.

6. Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation

How can you NOT love this movie??? I know it by heart but it still cracks me up.

5. Home Alone

I still count this as a Christmas movie and I can watch it all year, too!

4. Holiday Inn

Bing Crosby. Fred Astaire. Snow. Dancing. Singing. Color me happy!

3. Babes in Toyland

What I wanted:
What I got:

While I prefer the Annette Funicello version, we couldn’t track it down this year (boo to Netflix for a “long wait”) but we did watch the Drew Barrymore/Keanu Reeves version (with Mr. Miyagi as the Toymaker!). Not quite the same.

2. Love Actually

One of my favorite movies ever, and best when watched at Christmastime. Also one of the most well-cast movies ever. And it’s British. And stars Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, and Liam Neeson. How can you not love that???

1. A White Christmas

All-time favorite!!!! I received this as a gift on my 10th Christmas and fell in love on first viewing. Ever since we watch it every year on Christmas Eve. It’s just not Christmas without Bing and Danny!

So what are some of your favorites that I left off? I have a couple days left to track them all down! My husband will protest that I left off one very important flick: Die Hard. He insists it’s a Christmas movie, which I’ll deny forevermore so he might as well give it up.


~ by spontaneoustruth on December 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Best Christmas Movies”

  1. A Christmas Story! That’s my #1. 🙂

  2. Love Actually! I actually love it ♥ ^^

  3. The Holiday (though not COMPLETELY Christmas-related, it’s still fun to watch during the holidays, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Prep & Landing (our new fave), Ian would agree with Jason on Die Hard.

  4. Oh, you know mine!!

    Sometimes he’s nutty, Sometimes he’s corny
    He can be brown or greenish brown
    But if you eat fiber on Christmas Eve,
    He might come to your town!

  5. I knew someone would call me out on A Christmas Story. Is it bad that I’ve never liked it? I only watched it once and it put me to sleep. =P

    The Holiday is a good one! I love that movie.

    KT: Totally thought of you!!!!!

  6. […] Christmas Eve breakfast was delicious gingerbread pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and orange juice while we watched favorite Christmas movies. […]

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