One Year Ago…

This one is a wee bit late, so pretend this was really posted a week ago, okay?

I have a tradition with some of my recently married girlfriends that we share a bit of newlywedded married advice at our one-year mark. I thought it’d be fun to post here as well.

I don’t know that I’m qualified to give any so I’ll just offer up a few observations after one year of marriage.

1. Communication is key. I know everyone says this, but it’s because it’s true! It’s something we work on daily, and it definitely helps when those little things arise.

2. People are different. This was something that really struck a chord and something I find myself thinking about all the time. Everyone reacts differently to situations and can perceive them in a different manner. Something I read early on in our engagement is that when you feel upset about something or angry at your partner, to focus on how much you love them and ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Most arguments are over petty, insignificant things (At least, in my house! Usually it’s because one of us needs to eat something.) and I find it really helps me to stop and think about if it’s worth it to get upset or bring it up. Usually the moment passes and I forget why I was upset in the first place!

3. Be friends! I’ve think it’s so beneficial to develop friendship within marriage. It binds us stronger together and helps us to manage certain situations better. Plus, it’s just more fun!

Okay, done with my lil’ soapbox! Stepping down now….

For our first anniversary, we decided to head to the desert for the weekend, specifically Palm Springs. We had such a fun time! We stayed at the Andreas Hotel & Spa, which we found on TripAdvisor (also where we found our honeymoon spot, and the site hasn’t yet steered us wrong!) and was a fantastic gem. Right in the middle of downtown so we could walk everywhere (didn’t drive the entire time we were there, and had free parking as well) and just a very quiet, romantic spot to stay. The staff was so nice and helpful, the pool was beautiful and relaxing, our room was so pretty (and huge!), and the spa…ahhh, the spa….enough said. 🙂 We really enjoyed our stay and we definitely recommend it and plan to return in the future.

We loved meandering around the downtown area and (of course) sampling the food we came across. One of our favorite finds was Grill-A-Burger, which had a menu full of different kinds of burgers and fries and even a gorilla mascot (Grill-A-Burger…Gorilla Burger…say it fast…get it??). We tried the sliders and the amazing, life-changing garlic fries. These aren’t for the weak at heart (or should I say breath?) but they are perfect for a pair of garlic-lovers like us. YUM.


We spent our anniversary night at Le Vallauris, a beautiful little French place occupying a historic home just off a side street from the downtown area. The food was soooo yummy. I wish I’d taken a picture of the amazing raspberry creme brulee…but it didn’t last long enough for me to whip out the camera. Perfect for our celebration, especially since we love to celebrate with good food!

PS2My yummy swordfish.

His veal and mashed potatoes. So good!

PS 048a
After we left Palm Springs (well, after a mandatory at the nearby Cabazon Outlets, which are a can’t miss), we headed up to my husband’s alma mater, Cal Poly Pomona. I’d never been to the campus and he’s long wanted to show me around so we viewed this as the perfect opportunity.PS5

It was such a pretty area and so fun for him to show me where he’d lived, worked, eaten, even where he tore his ACL while playing soccer (yep, I got the grand tour all right).

The school recently built a HUGE new library attached to the old building. And I can’t walk past a library without going in, so we went exploring and I got my geek on.

Apparently, this is a famous building that gets pictures in lots of movies (Gattaca is the only one I can think of right now).PS7

But our celebratory weekend wasn’t over yet! We had to finish it off with the true first-anniversary tradition: Eating our year-old cake topper. Only ours was more like a day old. Our fantastic bakery, VG’s Donut and Bakery in Cardiff, likes to protest the frozen cake tradition and instead insists on baking a complementary anniversary cake for the first year. Hey, complementary means free, right? I’ll take that! We expected something small and with basic frosting, similar to how their tasting cakes are. Instead we got this monster:

annie cake
Seriously, the  biggest cake ever f or two people! We compared to photos and think it’s actually bigger than our top tier from our wedding cake was! When the girl at the bakery brought it out to me, I actually said, “No, I’m getting the free cake” ’cause I thought she’d brought me the wrong order. I was so shocked when she assured me this was the right cake. Sweet! Of course, it’s been a week and we still have half of it in the fridge…. And it’s delicious! VG’s is the best!

And just to cap off this lovely anniversary post, I’ll share what is undoubtedly one of my favorite photos of all time:

Photo taken by our wonderful wedding photographer Anouk Vashe.

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