Bagging It

I hate making decisions. Especially on small things. I don’t know why, but it’s so true. But the time has come to make a life choice. I need a new lunch bag. Mine has sadly reached a time in life where it needs to pass on to greener lunch-bag pastures. The insulation is coming apart. And now the zipper has broken off…literally, right into my hand. Nice. I fear for my lunch!

So help me pick a new one. I can’t decide! Here are my options (Ahem, unless anyone out there has any other brilliant ideas? I take suggestions!):

These two bags are by Built, in the French Bull series.


I love that this one looks like a purse! It’s an Emilie Sloan Gabrielle Lunch Tote.


I just like the name of this one…and it’s cute. The Jenn Bag.


Or maybe I should just go old school and reuse plastic bags? Ugh.


~ by spontaneoustruth on October 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bagging It”

  1. The second one! (White and brown)

  2. I like Jenn! It looks like it can hold anything! So cute!
    I have heard that the neoprene lunch bags (Built) tend to have a wet suit smell to them. The smell either goes away over time or you get used to it. Smell the water bottle holder that I got you for your birthday, I believe it is the same material.
    I also read that it is hard to get certain food containers in those styles of lunch bags. Good luck! Read the reviews on reusable bags website. They also have videos of the products. I love it!

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