Chicken Pot Pie

It’s finally fall in Southern California! To celebrate, I’m breaking out all my favorite fall things. Warm blankets, pumpkin-spice candles, fuzzy slippers, and my favorite foods!

Chicken pot pie has long been one of my favorite meals and I’m always looking for a new recipe to try or to modify one I already love. I found this one flipping through an issue of Bon Appetit and decided I had to try it right away — the next day.

It’s a delicious recipe, and the crust is handled a bit differently than most pot pies, but still works out really well. It’s not very thick and creamy, but definitely still a keeper.

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Chicken Pot Pie

Serves: 8
Recipe courtesy Bon Appetit

1 1/4 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup chilled unsalted butter, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
3 tablespoons ice water
1 egg yolks, whisked to blend with 1 T. water (for glaze)

7 tablespoons butter, room temperature, divided
5 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons olive oil
8 ounces assorted fresh wild mushrooms, sliced (I left these out)
1 cup chopped onions
1 cup 1/2-inch cubes celery
1 cup 1/2-inch cubes peeled carrots
1 1/2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme
1 clove garlic, minced
1 cup dry white wine
2 1/2 cups chicken broth
5 cups coarsely chopped or torn roast chicken, skin and bones removed (from 1 large chicken)
1 1/2 cups frozen green peas (we subbed these for green beans)
1/3 cup whipping cream
1/3 cup chopped parsley

Blend flour and salt in processor. Add butter and blend, using on/off turns, until resembles coarse meal. Add 3 T. ice water; blend until moist clumps form, adding more ice water by teaspoonfuls if dough is dry. Gather dough into ball; flatten into rectangle. Wrap in plastic; chill at least 1 hour and up to 1 day.

Preheat oven to 425. Line baking sheet with parchment. Roll out crust on floured surface to 12×8-inch rectangle. Cut into 8 equal rectangles. Transfer to prepared sheet, spacing apart. Pierce crusts with fork, then brush with egg glaze. Bake until light golden, about 15 minutes. Carefully run long sharp knife under crusts. Cool on sheet.

Mix 5 T. butter and flour in small bowl until smooth. Melt 2 T. butter with oil in large wide pot over medium-high heat. Add mushrooms, onion, celery, and carrots; saute until veggies start to soften and brown, 10 minutes. Add thyme and garlic; stir 3 minutes. Add wine; boil until almost evaporated, about 3 minutes. Add 2 1/2 cups chicken broth; bring to simmer. Add butter-flour mixture, 1 T. at a time; whisk until incorporated and mixture boils. Reduce heat; simmer until sauce thickens, stirring often, about 5 minutes. Stir in chicken, peas, cream, and parsley; bring to simmer. Season with salt and pepper.

Preheat oven to 425. Transfer filling to 13x9x2-inch baking dish. Carefully place crusts atop filling. Bake until heated through, about 20 minutes. Let rest 5 minutes.


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