You Belong in a Zoo…

We finally made it out to the San Diego Zoo to check out the new elephant exhibit so, of course, I have to share some cute photos!

We found what is, quite possibly, the largest, hairiest, and — most likely, though we didn’t get close enough to catch a whiff — stinkiest camel ever. He also had a mouth of spit churning along in there so I tried to keep my distance!

zoo 001a

Later, he and his female friend turned their backs on us. He had quite a few female followers but we didn’t catch any camel action (for which I’m quite thankful).

zoo 036a
Our zoo and Wild Animal Park does night hours during the summer and stays open until 9 p.m., which offers some excellent opportunities to see some animals wide awake and playful when they’re usually dozing during the day.

This hyena was very alert and active.

zoo 006a
We also had to stop by the meerkats, since they are too cute to walk past. He’s happy he lives here and not at Meerkat Manor.

zoo 034a
And on to the new elephant exhibit! It’s HUGE and so much nicer than their old home. Some of the big cats also now live in this area, with a much larger play area.

zoo 017a
This little guy really wasn’t sure if he wanted to come out and play with the big boys. He stayed in the doorway a good 10 minutes, just swaying back and forth and dancing to his own music.

zoo 021a
Here’s one of my favorites! The display sign said he likes to make “hay hats.” Um, cuteness overload? I really wanted to take him home, but he sadly wouldn’t fit in the car.

zoo 026a
I also came across some other wild animals, but they didn’t seem as keen to be photographed. Such a travesty.

zoo 016a


~ by spontaneoustruth on August 25, 2009.

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