Birthday Weekend!

I have to start off by saying I have such awesome family and friends. Thank you all for your sweet words, kind thoughts, and thoughtful gestures. You helped make my birthday celebrations that much more wonderful!

I’m in cake detox right now. I’ve eaten so much in the past week that I’m bound to not fit into my jeans at any moment now. But so worth it! I love me some good cake! And French fries. And milkshakes. All of which I had quite a bit of over the past week. And all in the name of a good celebration! So I can’t really complain, right? Right!

Just a fun little recap to share what’s been going on in my little Spontaneous world!

I came home on Friday to this beautiful bouquet from my sweet husband!

aug 010a

We spent a fun evening seeing Julie and Julia (finally!) and drooling. A lot of drooling. This movie will do nothing but make you hungry! We really enjoyed it; definitely a fun foodie flick (say that five times fast) and Meryl Streep does NOT disappoint. She was outstanding!

Saturday was family day! Had a fun dinner but first stopped off at Ruby’s for a decadent birthday milkshake (because everyone gets birthday milkshakes; it’s like a staple!) … mmmm, milkshakes.

Sunday I celebrated with one of my favorite groups of people!

bday 062aSorry for the crappy photo quality. This is why you don’t hand an intoxicated person a camera.

We had a great Mexican fiesta happy hour and one of my sweet friends even made me homemade chocolate cake! To die for; seriously, such good cake.

bday 056a

After that it was off to another birthday dinner and then to prepare for…Disneyland!!!!! I can tell you are so shocked I decided to spend my actual birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth. So surprising of me, isn’t it? I went with my two best friends and we had such a fabulous day. Some fun photos:

bday 071a

bday 072a

bday 094a

The best part was when my newly engaged friend pulled the two of us off to the side of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, proceeded to kneel, pop open a ring box and propose to us to ask us to be in her wedding! It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! And such a creative way to pop the bridesmaid question (or, in our case, matron and maid of honor!). In case you were wondering, there wasn’t a diamond ring hiding in that box, but two pairs of beautiful handmade earrings she made herself in her wedding colors. So perfect for us three Disney girls!

bday 082a
And my husband was asked to be a groomsman so we’ll be walking down the aisle together yet again! We are SO excited to watch our two best friends get married!

Some other fun Disneyland highlights!

bday 086a

bday 074a

bday 109a

Finally, it was back to reality and dinner with the hubby. He took me to Jake’s, a fantastic seafood restaurant right on the ocean. Definitely reminded us of our favorite restaurant on Maui from our honeymoon. A perfect end to my birthday!

bday 099a


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