Wedding Mania: Part 2

Now for the last wedding of the year! (But doubtful that it’s my last wedding-related post of the year…I’m too much of an addict to let you down like that!)

My dear friend Shera married her sweet Noah last weekend. Their ceremony was so beautiful and heartfelt. My favorite part was at the start of the reception when they did the hora dance! Wow, I wish I was Jewish and could have done that at my wedding. The love and laughter was everywhere in that room! It was so much fun to share in their special day and witness all the beautiful traditions they incorporated into both ceremony and reception. Congratulations, you two!


Such a beautiful ceremony site! Check out the gorgeous flowers on the chuppah. Breathtaking!


I stole the camera for a while to play photog! It didn’t last long.


I didn’t catch the name of the band they had at the reception, but they were awesome! And they brought  props!! I was sold. There’s no need for air guitar when you have plastic maracas and inflatable guitars. Rock on with your bad self!


For some reason, there was a lot of red and black that night. And blue. We were trying to be patriotic but didn’t quite make it.


And, finally, some photobooth fun to send off the season! It’s not a good party unless there’s a photobooth (unless, of course, it’s my party). Till next year!

~ by spontaneoustruth on August 7, 2009.

One Response to “Wedding Mania: Part 2”

  1. The band is Y3K, and I’m glad you were able to enjoy the day with us. We loved having you!

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