Wedding Mania: Part 1

So in the last month I’ve gone to my two final weddings of the year! I can’t believe the season is over and winding down. Wow. Whatever will I do until next year??

To celebrate (coughmourncough) this great time in life, I gotta share the eye candy!

First up is my beautiful friend Jessica’s special day. I was so honored to stand by her side as her Matron of Honor (until her wedding day I refused to be called a matron…it makes me sound so old and strict and reminds me oddly of Dame  Smith). It was a hot July day but a truly beautiful ceremony and a kickass party!


Getting ready! Doing my MOH duties and zippin’ her up!


Could she possibly be more beautiful?! Stunning bride!




In the limo on the way to the church…she’s ready to get married! I love that I have a photo of me that’s almost exactly the same as this. She and I are so alike!


Taking a sneak peek at the reception, all set up and ready!


Pretty cake! The couple has a thing about penguins (they mate for life) so it was a natural cake topper!


And the groom has a thing for the White Rabbit so check out this amazing groom’s cake Jess had made for him!


And, finally, the old marrieds.

Congratulations, J&J! You two make the sweetest couple and I’m so happy for you guys! More to come soon on my last wedding of the year (sniffle).


~ by spontaneoustruth on August 4, 2009.

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