Reveal! Our New Bedroom!

To coincide with Weekend of the Drill 2009, we also put the finishing touches on our “new” bedroom! Now that everything is hung up on walls, our bedroom redo is complete! I can’t express how happy this makes me. It’s been a long time coming (and I mean a LONG time) and it’s so wonderful to finally have it complete and representing us. It’s my favorite room!

Here’s the best “before” photo I could come up with (excuse the inflatable man and balloons…this was what we returned to upon arriving home from our honeymoon; we have some friends with odd senses of humor!):

Jennie 141
Note the yellow walls and random old furniture (left over from our moving-in-together merger). The previous owners had a pretty Tuscany bedroom theme going on and the yellow was really working for them. For us, not so much. We did love the lighter blue in the master bath, and are devoted to our purple duvet, so we decided to go with a darker blue for the bedroom walls with a shade darker accent wall.

In case any of you paint junkies are interested, these are the colors we chose (after numerous trips to Home Depot!):

Main bedroom walls: Behr Premium Plus Interior Eggshell Enamel in Purple Hyacinth
Back accent wall: Behr Premium Plus Interior Eggshell Enamel in Flying Fish (weird name for a dark blue!)

The next step was new furniture! Jerome’s is our friend this year. We like him so much that we gave him a bunch of our money. This was our final wedding gift to ourselves (yes, we milked that shopping excuse quite a bit this year) and we spent many weekend schlepping down Furniture Row and agonizing over beds and dressers and wood and hardware. Yawn. We finally decided on a pretty dark “espresso” (why is everything now named after a drink in the furniture world??) bedroom set.

A couple months later we missed Jerome and went back to visit him and give him some more money. He was so nice that he gave us a brand-new mattress in exchange! Our old one was more than 10 years old and getting a bit lumpy (and heavy, which totally grossed me out). Our new mattress is, in a word, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Seriously. We sleep so well now, it’s unbelievable (and I didn’t think we slept all that badly before, but apparently I was wrong). Our newbie is made out of bamboo, which is pretty kick-ass. It’s also considered “green” because it will slowly decompose in a landfill one day (though not while we are sleeping on it…we checked!). And it’ll last 20 years! Score! Okay, enough bragging….

Then it was Craigslist time to get out the old before we came in with the new! A sweet elderly woman moving in with her son took our bed off happily to its new home, as it perfectly matched her newfound dress (go figure!). A very excited college student walked away with our Ikea dresser. And one of my friends took the rest of the lot back to her new place. Poof! Old stuff gone!

Final step was setting up the TV to mount on the wall. Surprisingly, this step took the least amount of time. Maybe because I wasn’t involved in it? During Weekend of the Drill, we put the finishing touches up on the walls, and DONE!

Behold your reward for sitting through this insanely long post…the new digs:

bedroom1pPretty blue wall! The letters above the bed are our monogram and were actually used as decoration at our wedding. I couldn’t let them go and we thought this the perfect way to reuse them!

bedroom2pAnother view, and a peek at our sweet Audrey, who watches us sleep.

bedroom4pThe mounted television! The cord channels were so easy to get onto the wall, and the best part is they can be painted! That’s one of our next projects, to paint them blue to match our walls. And check out the shelf we installed above the TV to hold the DVD player. Perfect!

bedroom3pYes, those are little people you see on top of our shelf. Another wedding relic: Our soccer-themed cake topper! I also blew up one of my fave “detail” wedding photos that a talented friend took.

Now we’re just obsessing over what we want to do in here next! New carpet? Scrape the popcorn ceilings? Add some crown molding? Redo the closet? So many options! Stay tuned.

~ by spontaneoustruth on August 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Reveal! Our New Bedroom!”

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