It’s Potter Time!


Ahhhh, Book 6. Never one of my top favorites, but I still love some parts of the book and as a whole it works as a bridge from Book 5 to Book 7. I waited a week and a day after Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out in theaters…it was a painful wait but so worth it. I’m a HUGE Potter fan and I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time! I think I’m going to cry quite a bit at the end of the 7th movie.

I’m not going to do a full review and risk spoiling anything. Let’s just say I think I really liked it. I didn’t particularly love some things that were changed (big surprise) and I think I need to see it again to get a better feel for it. I love how the child actors have grown up and how incredible some of the performances were (Tom Felton, in particular, was amazing).

Of course, now I’m just dying for the first half of Deathly Hallows to come out! I can’t wait!!

To tide you all over, check out the Potter Puppet Pals. The first time I saw this, I laughed so hard I cried. HILARIOUS! Either that or I’m a total nerd.

~ by spontaneoustruth on July 25, 2009.

One Response to “It’s Potter Time!”

  1. OMG, I can’t watch the Potter Puppet Pals one more time… it is ALWAYS stuck in my head!!! 🙂

    Too bad we don’t live in the same town – I really want to go see it again too!!!

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