Wedding Favorites!

I’m delving back into my wedding obsession lately (did I ever really put that one aside?). One of my dearest friends is getting married next weekend (yay!) and I feel like it’s all we’ve been talking about…and I’m totally okay with that!

So I thought it might be time to share some of my favorite wedding websites and blogs that I still love to peruse, even 8 months after my own wedding!

And just for some eye candy, here’s one of my favorites from 8 months ago!

1. Wedding Bee: Love this blog! I got some great ideas off of here when I was planning. It’s always fun to read the boards, too.

2. Bridal Insider: The site that I used the absolute most in my wedding planning. It saved my life! Plus, I met some awesome amazing girls, too! 🙂 The forums are great for searching for wedding reviews, information on vendors, and photos galore (also known as wedding porn).

3. Style Me Pretty: Talk about wedding porn! There are some glorious photos and inspiration boards on here. This blog totally makes me want to do my wedding over and over again…but without having to plan for it or pay for it this time around.

4. Little White Book: Love some of the stories told on here, as well as the ideas they come up with. So much fun!

5. A $10,000 Wedding: This blog was my inspiration that I could create a beautiful wedding day that was representative of me and my husband even while on a strict budget. I love some of the ideas she comes up with, especially on how to do it for less!

Okay, that’s my top five! Now, I know I’m probably missing some big ones…so come on, ladies, shout out to what I need to add to this list!

~ by spontaneoustruth on July 11, 2009.

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