Vacation Recap!

I’ve been back at work for four days and I’m ready for another vacation! Thank goodness for three-day weekend bliss! Having eight days away was so nice and it felt like we were gone for such a long time. That was only enhanced by the fact that we combined two trips into one. This was also our first long trip since our honeymoon last year, so it was highly anticipated! We’ve done a few weekend trips, but definitely we ready for a good long break.

For the first four days, Hubby and I flew up to the Bay Area to stay with my sweet grandma and her yellow lab, Buck, and also to visit my family in the area. We had a great time! My mom had an overlapping visit for the first couple of days so we really packed a lot it. We had a great 60th birthday celebration at my aunt’s house, went into San Francisco to visit my 94-year-old godmother, hung out with my g’ma, and had a lot of nice rest and relaxation in between.

DP 1Kicking with my grandmother and godmother in SF.

After a few days with family, we set out for the mountains! Specifically, Lake Don Pedro, a reservoir and camping resort about 45 minutes from Yosemite. The lake is enormous and provides lots of water entertainment. (When it’s full, it reaches about 13,000 acre-feet of surface area.)

DP 018

We do this trip every year, and it’s such a fun and relaxing time. One of my husband’s friends organizes the entire trip, and it’s the most well-planned event you’ve ever seen! We spend the first night and the last night at his family’s cabin out in the mountains, and the three nights inbetween camping lakeside. We have a couple of boats and spend the week wakeboarding, surfing, floating, eating, and drinking  (well, for me it’s just the last three). Ahhhhh. So relaxing!

Relaxing enough that for the week I got to indulge in one of my favorite hobbies: reading! I got through 6 1/2 books before the week was out. I actually went through my entire stock and had to start borrowing! Some of you have asked what I’ve been reading lately, so here’s a quickie list for you!

1. Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris (I’ve been working my way through the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series; so addicted)

2. Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

3. All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

4. A Most Uncommon Degree of Popularity by Kathleen Gilles Seidel (liked this one a lot)

5. My Enemy’s Cradle by Sara Young (this was really fabulous if you like historical fiction; centering around WWII)

6. The Coil by Gayle Linds (this was when I ran out of my own books and had to start in on boy books)

7. The Last Queen by C.W. Gortner (I love historical fiction and this one was really fabulous, about Queen Juana of Spain, a.k.a. Juana la Loca)

Our trip used to be all boys but then we ladies started infiltrating slowly but surely. My first year was three years ago, when there was but one other girl besides me and about 15 guys. This year we were up to 6 girls and 11 guys. We’re slowly getting there!

But before we left my grandma’s house, we first had to set up our new tent to make sure we had all the proper parts (and also that we knew what we were doing!). But as a true Girl Scout (who didn’t earn her Gold Award for nothing!), I provided proper supervision and photography as I oversaw my husband’s tent skills. He’s not bad!

DP 012

This year was the most organized our annual trip has ever been! For the first time, we had official shirts made (Beer Sports, Don Pedro 2009!) and organized sporting events (a beer pong tournament that half of us were too hot and sleepy to participate in…or had already drank too much in the a.m.!; a cornhole tourney, which only 4 guys ended up doing; and a water-gun game that never actually happened; but it’s the thought that counts, right?).

Here’s hubby and some of the guys playing Pirates vs. Ninjas Cornhole.

DP 014
Check out those homemade, hand-painted boards! And the holes in the middle are lined with LED lights for proper dusk or nighttime playing. Oh, yes. We’re serious about our sports!

DP 013

Not only are the games organized, but our meals are planned out well in advance and everyone is incredibly well fed for the week. (Trust me, my hips can easily attest to this right now!) But the last night we get lazy…so we order in catering.

DP 001
That’s right. That would be our dinner, being delivered by a Johnny Cash cowboy. Pretty awesome.

DP 003

For the first year, we had the most perfect weather. It was nice and warm (90s most days and cooler at night, so we could at least sleep comfortably) and definitely hot enough in the daytime for the water to feel great. Much better than a few years back when it was nearly 100 degrees at midnight and we were sweltering in our sleeping bags! But, alas, not all things survived this somewhat moderate heat.

Exhibit A: What was once a container of gummi cola bottles:

DP 004

Now for one last DP lesson. If you are the last to arise on the final morning, you’re going to get messed with.

Part I: The enemy approaches and begins the assault:

DP 005

Part II: Ambush complete and tent down!

DP 006‘Till next year, DP. It’s been real!

~ by spontaneoustruth on July 2, 2009.

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