Fun Reads of the Week!

So much going on lately but I have to share some of the sites I’ve been perusing this week!

1. Roadfood: Love this site for checking out fun restaurants to stop by on road trips. Or just for fun!

2. The Bathroom Diaries: Another good one to bookmark for road trips; or any trip, for that matter. It’s an enormous database that rates public restrooms. Seriously helpful! (A great companion to MizPee, which locates the closest and cleanest bathroom, something that’s come in quite handy for me over the years!)

3. Design Sponge: Love this design blog…addicting!! Makes me want to make over my house. Repeatedly.

4. Gender Genie: This is fun for a bookworm like me to play with. The site predicts whether an author is female or male. So fun to try to beat it!

5. Love Food, Hate Waste: This is a British site so don’t pay attention to how many pounds you can save a month. 🙂 But it’s got great tips on how to reduce food waste and reuse leftovers. I’m a huge fan of leftovers (that’s pretty much all eat for lunch every day) and love some of the recipes and ideas I’ve found on here.


~ by spontaneoustruth on June 18, 2009.

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