Herbal Update

Maybe my thumbs aren’t quite so black anymore. In fact, I think they’re turning gray! Trust me, this is an improvement. So far, our little herb garden is still alive. Actually, I think it might be safe to say that it’s thriving! Either that or I just totally jinxed it and they might all die in the next five minutes. I thought it might be time for an update and some new-and-improved photos. Check out how our garlic is totally busting out! Can’t wait to eat those babies!


My only concern is that the basil and cilantro are both yellowing a bit around some of the leaves. My go-to gardener aficionado (the only one in my family with any skills in this area, my little brother) thinks it’s probably too much sun combined with overwatering so we’re going to tread lightly with those two for a while. But they are both blossoming, along with the parsley, which is pretty neat! And check out how TALL the cilantro is getting. I could hardly fit it all in the photo frame!


I’m thinking the next step is a tomato plant and some pretty flowers for our front porch. I’ve not only recently decided I like eating tomatoes but have never in my life seen the need to grow a entire plant devoted to them (having past perceived them as satanic and mushy tasting) nor do I do so well at keeping flowers alive. But, yet, I think it’s time for this next step. Any suggestions for a girl with a gray thumb?



~ by spontaneoustruth on June 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Herbal Update”

  1. Your plants are looking fantastic! Good job – almost green thumb! I’ve grown tomatoes a few times and they always end up with a ton of bugs. I’ve heard one of the best solutions is to grow marigolds near them. I haven’t tried it yet because I don’t have enough space but if you can I think it would help. http://www.backyardgardener.com/seeds/product08/299.html

  2. Hey girl – if the cilantro and basil are blossoming, you’ll need to pinch the blossoms off. Otherwise, they’ll go to seed and die before you can actually use them. I agree with your brother about too much sun and overwatering; just keep a good eye on them to make sure they don’t start wilting (I tend to keep my basil just thismuch more watered than wilting, because it stays nice and green and perks up easily with a little water).

    Tomato plants are AWESOME. If you’re looking for a good place to get plants, I’d check out Anderson Nursery in Point Loma (I think there’s one in Poway too). They’ve got knowledgeable staff and a LOT of beautiful plants in some really interesting varieties. If you can get “Sungold” or “Isis” cherry tomatoes, those are the best two varieties I’ve EVER found (although any “currant”-type tomato is fun and different too). They’re very sweet and not at all mushy; they have good tomato flavor without taking up six square feet per bush. And the Sungold especially grow like crazy!

    After tomatoes, you can try growing summer squash or cucumbers. Both will do well in a pot if you trellis them, especially if you get a vining variety rather than a bush variety. Both are extremely difficult to kill, and both will produce a LOT of fruit (especially if you hand-pollenate them, but I can give you that tip when you’re ready for it!).

    (oops, can you tell I *heart* growing things?) GOOD LUCK!

  3. Thanks, dear! You are awesome! I so appreciate all the advice and tips. I will definitely check all of these out! And I didn’t even know I could do squash and cucumbers in pots!! So excited! Yeah, I might be e-mailing you for more help, haha. Thank you!

  4. Any time 🙂 I made my parents start a garden in pots and in a plastic kiddie pool a couple of years ago 😉 Now if only I could get all the weeds/crabgrass cleared out of my yard and plant my garden again, I’d be happy!!!

  5. I wanted to tell you about our tomato plants but for a bit there, they were looking kinda sad. Then I decided to flood the planter box with water one day and literally, hours later, they were huge and happy. Over the last couple of days they exploded. So I would totally recommend a tomato plant, for sure. We have 2 “real” tomatos coming in and it’s rediculous how exciting it is. LOL. I’ll try and post a garden update this week so you can see. =)

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