A Chef’s Fantasy

This little gadget is my current obsession to covet (besides the Kindle and the iPhone). I want one but don’t want to spend the $$, go figure! But it’s sooo pretty.


Now, I gotta say that I really love my current recipe program, Cook’n with Pillsbury, but this little one is so cute and would certainly be easier than hauling my laptop into the kitchen every night. But I still have loyalty to Cook’n!


~ by spontaneoustruth on April 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “A Chef’s Fantasy”

  1. Seriously, Jennie.. you find the coolest things to post about. I just researched My Demy and I’m in love with it.. and of course, I want a Kindle.. so if I had an extra $400 laying around, I wonder which one I would buy. I wish these gadgets didn’t have to cost so much dang money!

  2. OMG, one of my obsessions is collecting recipees in my MasterChef program. I’m always cooking with my laptop in the kitchen too!

  3. Jennie, you are so awesome! This so went on my continuous b-day/x-mas/gift to my self just because list!! How cool. I think I’ll start using the Key Ingrediant website so that one day when I do get this, I’ll be ready to sync it up. =)

  4. Smart plan, Katie! I am so obsessed with cooking gadgets and this one is my FAVE! Glad you girls can obsess with me. 🙂

  5. disappointment. YOU posted 4 recipes in a row LOADED with carbs!!! what is a low carb girl to do??? share the low carb ones before i show up on your doorstep looking for cookies…

  6. Haha, no threats, please! I have some low-carb ones coming up. I’ve just been craving my carbs lately! I guess I won’t post the cookie recipe I made last night? 😉

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