Amazing Customer Service Story

I found this story the other day and just love it. Makes me want to shop at Zappos even more than I already do!

Wonderful Zappos Customer Service Story

Do you all have any great stories of excellent customer service? I wish I had more. I have lots of bad stories, but I’ll leave those for another time! Feel free to share the good and the bad here! 🙂


~ by spontaneoustruth on March 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Amazing Customer Service Story”

  1. I *heart* – my hubby’s birthday Wii was a lemon and stopped working after two weeks. I did the online return and requested a replacement. I hadn’t yet sent in the old one (just forgot), but about two days later I got a big box at work. It was a replacement Wii, no questions asked!!!

    I also love Best Buy – excellent prices and customer service on appliances. Seriously not worth going anyplace else. We got the washer at Sears and I immediately regretted it! The dryer, we purchased at Best Buy and it was one of the best things we’ve ever done!!!

  2. I love me some, too! That’s so awesome they replaced it so quickly!!

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