Adventure: Foodie Fun Tour

Late in 2011 we did a fun walking food tour of Coronado Island. Well, it was fun except for the fact that it was POURING down rain the entire time. And the tours go on — rain or shine. We were troopers and did the whole thing, although we did replace some of the walking with driving. And while it was probably an abbreviated experience than if it had been sunshiney and glorious (as per usual in our beach city), it was still a blast.

So when the opportunity came up to do a similar walking food tour of La Jolla through Bite San Diego. It was another great experience, only bettered by the excellent weather! The tours are a fun way to check out a new part of town (for residents or tourists) and sample food at various eateries along the way while learning the history of the area. History + food = my kind of fun! Foodies and history nerds unite!


We started out at Karl Strauss Brewery (obviously, an awesome choice simply for the beer factor) and inhaled some dangerously addicting garlic bread knot pieces of heaven.


Please don’t drool on your computer screen. It’s not safe.

We then headed to the Brick & Bell, a cute little cafe with the most amazing muffins. So good I didn’t take a pic. I just gobbled. And then promptly wished I had another.


After Brick & Bell we walked over to Extreme Pizza for a couple of delicious slices. We will definitely be going back here! We got to try a couple of different kinds but there is a Peace in the Middle East pizza on the menu that I must have! All my favorite things — hummus, tomatoes, olives, feta, basil, mozzarella — what possibly could not be amazing about that combo?


Then it was on to Harry’s Coffee Shop…I was expecting coffee. Instead we found ourselves in a cute little diner that was a total throwback to the 70s (or older?). This place hasn’t changed in decades, and it should remain that way forever. The oatmeal pancakes were amazing. Seriously tasted just like oatmeal covered in syrup (FYI, that’s a good thing).Image

We rounded out dessert with a stop at Cups (the only spot I’d actually been to before) for mini cupcakes and mugs of cold milk.



And now to the finale! We completed our tour and the final stop — We Olive — for olive oil and wine tasting. Happy stomach!

The La Jolla tour definitely lived up to our high expectations after our wonderfully wet Coronado experience. Would highly recommend a Bite tour if you’re ever in San Diego. I know we’ll be booking again for a new neighborhood at some point!

Foodie fans and tour survivalists! Cheers!

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~ by spontaneoustruth on March 30, 2012.

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