San Francisco Weekend: Day 2

Our second day in the city was devoted to two very important things: shopping and eating!

The rocking AAA discount at the hotel got us two freebies at the giant (and surprisingly delicious) breakfast buffet so after fueling up we headed down to Union Square to check out the shops. It was extra fun to go into Macy’s, which was where my mom both worked and modeled as a teenager.

And guess what? The sun was out! The foggy day before had turned into a beautiful, clear, sunshiney day. Perfect for our planned adventuring.

Check out the view from our hotel! So pretty and clear. We could even see all the way to Treasure Island (fun fact: where my parents got married!) and the surrounding area. Okay, enough of a detour. Back to the shopping!

We wandered down idyllic Maiden Lane to check out all our favorite shops — Prada, Hermes, Gucci…the usual haunts.

I mean, come on! The street is practically sponsored by Chanel! But I did love the sweet little gates that guard the lane. Something very romantic about it all.

And we had to stop by Gump’s for some shopping. This place is like a city landmark. My grandmother used to shop here as a little girl when she was growing up in San Francisco!

Then it was on to Chinatown! In all the times I’ve been here, I’ve never actually eaten in Chinatown. This was easily and quickly resolved. You know what’s coming next….

More foodie photos! We did some reconnaissance on Yelp ahead of time and found the little gem that is Hunan’s Home Restaurant. Fairly inexpensive and so delicious! We started with vegetable potstickers and shared chicken with asparagus in a black bean sauce (I have to try to re-create this one!) and Mongolian beef.

And hot-and-sour soup to finish it off!

We even came across one of my mom’s favorite college haunts — Woey Loy Goey Restaurant. Pronounced Ooey Gooey Louie. :)

We wandered down to the piers to check out the glorious views on such a pretty clear day. This guy was not so impressed.

A beautiful day for sailing on the bay!

Could it be any prettier??

When seagulls attack!! I think I ran for cover at this point. Guess these birdies were impressed.

Love this city!! Sad to leave but we had a fabulous time. Spent much of the rest of the weekend visiting fam on the East Bay. I know I’ll be back soon. :)

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~ by spontaneoustruth on January 21, 2011.

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