Founders Weekend 2010!

Every five years my alma mater has a class reunion. This year was my 10-year (gasp!) college reunion! I feel soooo old just writing that. I graduated from Cottey College in 2000, along with about 110 other fantastic women (yep, it’s a really small school). Just to give you some background, Cottey is a small, private, liberal arts, women’s college in Nevada (pronounced Nuh-Vay-Duh), Missouri. You read that right.

People often ask why a native Southern California girl would choose to go to a small town in Missouri for four years. My honest truth is that I fell in love with this college and knew I had to go. And it was the best two years! I don’t regret my decision for a second! I got an amazing education (my smallest class was me and one other girl; largest was 30) and met some of my very best friends. And did I mention the FREE weeklong trip to Europe that’s thrown in by the school?

I could go on about my love for this place for ages and ages, but you might get bored. And we can’t have that! Suffice it to say I had an incredible weekend, felt like I was 18 all over again, and had a really hard time saying good-bye to both my school and my old friends. 2015 can’t come soon enough (except I’ll be even older by then…so it could go a little bit slow and that’d be great, thanks).

I know you want me to shut up and post some photos now! But first a (hopefully) quickie explanation of how reunions at Cottey work. Each class has a reunion every five years on the same March weekend. Which means my class wasn’t the only one in attendance. Classes from 2009 (you go back one year out, then switch to five years) all the way back to 1945 (the oldest graduate was from 1939!) congregate together to reminisce and celebrate this beautiful place in our hearts. So I’ll be back in five years to do it all over again and with the same women! It’s such a fun experience!

I should also warn you that what you’re about to see is a bit unusual and I don’t expect you to understand it all. Women’s colleges have longlasting traditions, most of which date back to the start of the school (1884 in Cottey’s case). So be prepared to see some things that might be a bit strange to your eyes, but are highly sacred and traditional to the school and its students and graduates! And for clarity’s sake, it’s a two-year school (but not a junior college) and the first-year students are referred to as freshmen, while the second-year students are seniors.

That said, here’s a slew of photos from my whirlwind weekend for you all to enjoy!

My partners-in-crime for the weekend! Elizabeth, Shelley, and Julie. (Jeremy was just a party crasher! But since he and Shelley have been together since my freshman year, he is practically a Cottey girl by association.)

Checking out the new Super Walmart that’s opened in Nevada since I graduated. Man, I’m so jealous this wasn’t around when I was a student! We just had boring old regular Walmart back then. The trouble we could have gotten into on 1 a.m. trips to Wally World….

Class of 2000, West Coast representing! From left, me, Ann, Corynn, Julie, and Margaret.

Me and Elizabeth visiting our old digs at Reeves Hall. We were suitemates in Nebraska Suite (along with Shelley!).

The class of 1960 at the Homecoming Celebration. These ladies are amazing! 70 years old, celebrating their 50th reunion and 38 of them showed up! It was a Founders record. Pretty awesome.

The Cottey senior mascot is the Duck. We were pretty proud of our shirts! What the DUCK?!

My Duck Jacket! So excited that I found this and the senior who has it this year. On the back it says “Wish they all could be CA girls!”

Serenades at Supper & Sing! Love this. Songs are a HUGE tradition at Cottey and it’s so cool to hear the other classes sing and see how the lyrics/rhythm have changed over the years.

Now I just have to take a minute to brag about my school. The dining hall is freaking fantastic. I am shocked and amazed that I never gained the Freshman Fifteen in my two years there. However, I may have made up for it this past weekend. Seriously. This photo is of Sunday Brunch. Which happens EVERY Sunday and not just on special weekends. And it’s incredible. I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. This plate is just a small portion of what I could have eaten.  You will not go hungry at Cottey. Trust me.

This photo is just to prove that guys are NOT nonexistent at a women’s college. Think about it for a second. Women’s college = guy magnet. Every guy within a 50-mile radius (and sometimes farther) knows about Cottey and is all over it. Guys drove for HOURS just to come to our school dances. I have friends who married amazing guys they met while attending Cottey. I swear women’s colleges attract more members of the opposite sex than coed schools do. Now this guy above, however, not your best catch. Although he did think we all were current students, which was nice and flattering…but why would ten 18-year-olds be doing shots in a bar? He might not be the smartest catch!

This one is just for fun! Found in the Kansas City Airport.

One more for good luck! Dear old Cottey C!

Want more info on Cottey? Check out the official site here and the Wikipedia page here. And if you know of a teenage girl who might be interested (and please don’t be put off by the words “all women” and “Missouri”), feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help another girl find this amazing school!

Till next time, CSC girls!

~ by spontaneoustruth on March 31, 2010.

7 Responses to “Founders Weekend 2010!”

  1. That’s so awesome that everyone comes to the reunions. How did you find this college?

  2. A guy friend’s mom went there and told me about it (since her son couldn’t go there!). My mom made me go visit (haha) and I loved it!

  3. yay! So why is it only a 2 year school? How does that work? Ok I know that might be too much to post about in the comments. So where did you finish up your final two years? (you’ve told me a dozen times)

    • Most women’s colleges started out as two-years and Cottey just remained so. It helps keep it small and more focused…though I think they will go to four-years soon enough. I finished out at U of Missouri (School of Journalism). :)

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  6. Great to read!
    I’m having a huuuuuuuge nostalgia-moment now! And I wonder who has my DuckJacket these days. I loved that jacket.

    (Class of 91, PEO, Iowa)

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